Interview Process Overview

  • The Beginning

    You applied online and we’ve reviewed your information. We’ll let you know about next steps as quickly as we can.

    The Beginning
  • Get to Know Each Other

    It’s important to learn about each other – interviewing is a 2-way street. Video interviewing lets us understand who you are and makes things convenient for you.

    Get to Know Each Other
  • Let’s Meet

    During your onsite interview, you’ll get to meet Managers, Team Leads, and Peers. This is your opportunity to learn all about us – and for us to learn all about you, too. You’ll share your work experiences, how you overcome obstacles and solve problems, work style, and career goals. Making a great fit starts with knowledge: Ask what it’s like to work here, career paths and long-term opportunities, keys to success, and how you might fit into the bigger picture at OSN.

    Let’s Meet
  • Decisions

    Everyone wants a high-quality interview process and we will deliver that as quickly as we can. We’ll follow up with interview decisions as soon as possible. Show us your best self during your interviews and let’s work together to determine if we’re a great match.


How to have a Successful Interview at OSN

Walk into your interview expecting a 2-way, genuine, engaging conversation with your interview team at OSN. This is about you determining if we're the company for you just as much as the OSN team determining if you should be the newest addition to the team. This 2-way mindset will lead to real discussions about your career experiences and how OSN might be the place to grow your career.

  • Take a deep breath. Then another one. Interviews can be stressful!!
  • Show your enthusiasm. Show your enthusiasm and passion for what you do and what you'd like to do next. Let us know that you love your work and are excited about this opportunity with us.
  • Get some sleep the night before your interview. Few things will throw you off more than sleep deprivation.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview. Arriving too early can be awkward and arriving late looks bad.
  • If you're running late or have an issue that will keep you from the interview, call us at the first sign of trouble. We'll appreciate your consideration and will have a chance to reschedule.


  • Interview address, where to park, and the name and contact number of the person you're meeting.
  • Professional-looking notepad and a couple of pens.
  • Professional backpack or briefcase or a folder or padfolio.
  • Several copies of your resume.
  • Your list of questions for us.
  • Firm handshake and genuine smile

Don't Bring

  • Cell phone with the ringer turned on
  • Suitcase (if you're catching a flight right afterward, ask someone at the front desk to keep it for you.)
  • Perfume or cologne (less is more; none is even better)
  • Negative attitude (Let your best self shine through.)

Know who we are and what we do:

Do your research.

Spend time learning everything you can about us. Review our company website, read press releases, look at our LinkedIn company profile, see our Facebook page, read Glassdoor reviews, and Google us too.

Know the job.

Review the job ad posting. Know what's required for the job and what you'll do in this role. Determine what info will help you show how you'd be an excellent fit for the job. Make a list of your relevant responsibilities and achievements - these can be career, academic, or volunteer, even from your personal life. These can be great talking points during your interview.

We want to get to know who you really are - not what your interview skills are. We wouldn't have invited you to interview with us if we didn't think there was real potential for a great work partnership.

Prepare Examples

Prepare examples from your career experiences that show how you'll succeed in this role. We want to hear about your responsibilities AND your results.

This isn't about bragging - it's about showing how you'll add value. Tell us how you've made a positive impact in current and previous roles. Quantify your experience as much as you can since numbers can help you tell your story.

Think about the positive feedback you've heard, when you've made or saved money for your company, resolved a tough customer issue, or streamlined a process. Being able to quantify your accomplishments and back up what you're saying with examples is very helpful for the interview team.

Have an answer ready for the "Tell me about yourself" questions. Someone will ask it, so be able to shine when you answer it.

Stay Positive

Positive conversations are key to a successful job interview. Staying positive may seem obvious, but it can be tough to do that when you're talking about challenging past situations, such as working for difficult managers or even being fired. Show that you can maintain a positive attitude about challenging situations and environments, and we'll see you for the resilient and flexible person you are.

Be Real

Speak clearly and enthusiastically about your experiences and skills. Be proud of your accomplishments. Be professional AND let your personality shine through.

Don't be afraid of short pauses during your interview. You might need a few seconds to put your thoughts into words - and that's fine.

Have a go-to phrase that'll help you avoid awkward silences if you need time to gather your thoughts.

Send a Thank You Note

Follow up your interview with a thank you note or email. It's a great way to show your strong interest us, your sincerity, and your attention to detail. It's also a good way to emphasize ideas, highlight your fit for the role, or mention a key point you forgot to make in the interview. Less than 10% of candidates send a thank you letter, so it's a great way to stand out.

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Our story started with an idea to change the way a title company operates to better serve the real estate industry – and, more importantly, our customers. It is this unique approach that makes OS National what it is today. Every day you will find us working hand in hand with our customers to find the right solution to ensure timely and efficient real estate closings.

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